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Drinks Menu

Spring 2020


Keeping it simple. Neat, over hand-cut ice with a few drops of water or any mixer +$2

  • Silver   $9
  • Oaked   $14
  • Navy   $14
  • Barbados  $16

Distillers Special

  • Queens Cut $30

Cask strength spirit — 62% and the best of the best from our distillation runs

  • Oaked Plus $30

Cask strength spirit — 63% an extra special single cask release of JimmyRum Oaked

  • Rum Whisky $30

Our Silver aged in an ex-Chief’s Son sweet peat barrel. It’s all about the whisky on the nose, the rum in the middle and the warmth of the whisky at the finish.

  • Barbados Import Strength   $30

Barbados as it arrives at our door – 65% and divine!

Tasting Paddles

  • Neat – Taste 4 of our spirits in a self-guided rum discovery   $15

JimmyRum Silver, Oaked, Barbados & Navy with water & dry ginger

  • Mojitos — Our favourite four mojitos $30

Why stop at one Mojito?

  • Mixed — Our spirits paired with an Australian artisanal mixer   $20

JimmyRum Silver with Strangelove Tonic, Oaked with CAPI Dry Ginger, Barbados with Strangelove Cloudy Pear, Navy with Strangelove Salted Grapefruit

  • Distillers Special — For those who really know their stuff   $40

JimmyRum Queens Cut, Oaked +, Barbados “import strength” & Rum/Whisky

Rum Classics

  • Stormy Jimmy — Classic easy drinking  $12

JimmyRum Silver, Strangelove Double Ginger Beer, squeeze of lime

  • Cuba Libre — The traditional Cuban Rum n Coke  $14

JimmyRum Barbados, our cola & lime ice ball, squeeze of lime, optional CAPI Spicy Cola

  • Silver Lining — Vodka Lemonade? Boring! $10

JimmyRum Silver and lemonade

  • Silent Assassin — Soda water with a twist  $10

Recipe donated by our local navy base. JimmyRum Silver, soda and lime

  • PinkFizz — Bubbles Darling, Bubbles! $16

JimmyRum Silver infused with apple, Foxeys Hangout Sparkling, and a dash of our housemade strawberry syrup.

  • La Fraise — When you want a little more with your bubbles  $18

JimmyRum apple infusion, T’Gallant Prosecco, Lillet, lemon juice and our housemade strawberry syrup.

Classic Cocktails

  • Rum Old Fashioned — Even better than the classic   $18

JimmyRum Barbados, JimmyRum Oaked served in a detailed old-fashioned glass with a large hand cut ice cube and dashes of Fee Bros bitters and orange peel

  • Rum Negroni — Gin? Pffft… everything is better with rum  $18

JimmyRum Oaked, Campari, Dolin Rouge served in old fashioned glass over a block of our hand cut ice and topped with dried orange wheel. Chilli/coffee infused and smoked options available

  • Jim Collins — Twist to this classic prohibition style cocktail  $18

JimmyRum Silver, lemon juice, St Andrews Brewery Yuzu Selzer water plus a garnish of lemon and cherry

  • The Pickle Back — Rum and pickle…. What could go wrong!  $18

JimmyRum Barbados, local pickle brine from Dillisious

  • Espressso Rumtini — Espresso Martini JimmyRum style   $18

JimmyRum Silver, Toby Estate Espresso, simple syrup

  • Fog Cutter — Yes, Rum and Gin can co-exist  $18

JimmyRum Silver, Balcombe gin, brandy, sherry, OJ, lemon juice and Orgeat

  • Red Rum — Our spicy and rummy tomato Bloody Mary  $18

JimmyRum Oaked, Worcestershire sauce, Sriracha paste, lemon juice and tomato juice all served in beer can glass, rimmed with garlic salt and garnished with pickle spear and bacon. ***Please let us know if bacon is not your thing

  • Amaretto Rum Sour— Our take on a sweet & sour classic   $18

JimmyRum Silver, Disaronno, egg white, lemon juice and a few dashes of old-fashioned bitters served in an old fashioned glass with lemon garnish

  • Hot Buttered Rum – A toasty Christmas in a mug.  Mug $16   Jug $60

JimmyRum Silver mixed with a spiced hot butter mix


  • The Hemingway Daiquiri — As the man himself likes it  $18

JimmyRum Navy, ruby pink grapefruit juice, Maraschino cherry liqueur, lime juice

  • Nuclear Daiquiri — When you need more go in your daiquiri  $18

JimmyRum Navy, Green Chartreuse, lime juice, Falernum

  • Strawberry Daiquiri $18

JimmyRum Barbados, lime juice, strawberry syrup, peach tea syrup

  • The Classic Daiquiri — Sometimes we just like to keep it simple   $18

JimmyRum Silver, lime juice, simple syrup


  • The Classic — We think it’s all in the Spirit and the ice  $18

JimmyRum Silver, JimmyRum Oaked, mint, lime, simple syrup, CAPI soda

  • Pinot Mojito $18

JimmyRum Silver, Pinot Noir, mint, lime, simple syrup, CAPI soda

  • Strawberry Mojito  $18

JimmyRum Barbados, fresh strawberries, mint, lime, strawberry syrup, CAPI soda

  • Ginger Mojito $18

JimmyRum Silver, JimmyRum Oaked, mint, lime, ginger syrup, fresh ginger, CAPI soda

  • Pineapple Mojito   $18

JimmyRum Silver, JimmyRum Oaked, fresh pineapple, mint, lime, CAPI soda

  • Chilli Cucumber Mojito   $18

JimmyRum Navy, dried chillies, fresh cucumber, mint, lime, simple syrup, CAPI soda