Yes we are producing ethanol and making JimmyRum hand sanitiser. Available at Cellar Door (please only phone if urgent, see hours below) … and also on line. Click on Our Shop

For Frontline works or urgent enquires on sanitiser please email sanitiser@jimmyrum.com.au

As we are producing the JimmyRum Hand Sanitiser on site, availability can vary greatly day by day, so please check our facebook page before you make the trip to the Distillery as we will be posting what is available each morning. CLICK HERE to go to our Facebook page.



Mon – Thur — 10am to 5pm

Fri – Sunday — 11am to 8pm

We are loving being able to help our community by shifting Matilda to producing Hand Sanitiser. We hope you enjoy the product for its JimmyRum aroma as much as for its sterilising capability.

We’d also to like to remind you, as per the health departments instructions, Soap and Water for 20 seconds should always be your first option for sanitising hands. However, our hand sanitiser is a good alternative for when you can’t get to the closest sink.

  • Please keep the product in a cool location, as it is 70% ethanol and Highly Flammable.
  • Do not water down or add anything else to the product as this will reduce its effectiveness
  • We also recommend decanting into smaller containers with a pump or pouring top.  Not recommended for spray packs as you won’t dispense enough to cover your hands effectively. (also you’ll breath in the ethanol and end up with a hangover).
  • And as a reminder…DON’T bloody well drink it, we use different distilling and fermentation techniques so it may smell like rum, but it is no way fit for human consumption.

Please note JimmyRum Distillery’s hand sanitiser is deemed by the TGA to be a “General Consumer Product”. Therefore, it is only recommended for personal or domestic use and not for use in a health care setting (this includes aged care facilities). While all possible care is taken, this product is produced on site at our distillery and not in a major production facility, therefore it is a “non-sterile” product.  It is formulated to contain 70% ethanol which is shown to be effective against many bacteria and viruses, as mentioned by many world health organisations and Australia’s own CSIRO.