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Own your own RumRum

Is it time to celebrate our amazing 2023 year? With a win at both The World Rum and the Australian Distilled Spirit Awards, we’ve decided it’s time to offer the chance to purchase something no one else has had a chance to, something that might not ever be done at these barrel sizes again... Is it time to purchase a whole barrel of JimmyRum RumRum? 

The Rub.

  • Choose from 120ltr or 200ltr Ex-Bourbon American Oak.
  • Only 20 barrels to be available for 2023
  • Free storage and insurance of your barrel for up to 5 years
  • Free bottling party, i.e., we supply the equipment and labour to bottle/label your bottles, you supply the bottles and labels.
  • Samples your barrel at the distillery every 6 months.
  • JimmyRum merchandise pack which includes 2 x branded glasses & one of our JimmyRum linen shirts
  • A tasting masterclass with Jimmy, for you and seven friends at the distillery, any venue in Victoria or fly Jimmy to your interstate or international      (yes please – Jimmy) location.
  • Aging a 120ltr barrel for 2yr and you’ll have between 140 and 225, 700ml bottles, to sell (subject to state laws), gift, share between club mates, put away for investment or just throw one hell of a party.
  • Great - So how much is it?
    We have two options for you -  120ltr barrel filled with 108ltrs @62% ABV for $12,750,
    or, for even more, - 200ltr barrel filled to 190ltrs at 62% ABV for $22,600
    (prices do not include excise or bottle/label costs)

Included in your purchase...

  • The cane spirit (new make rum). The spirit that went into our barrels to create our 2023 World rum award winning RumRum.
  • Storage for up to 5 years, if you want longer, it can be arranged for $200/year (includes insurance), minimum storage is 2yrs from fill date, it’s an Australian rum law thing.
  • Our bottling equipment and labour is free for bottling, you are welcome to come help too. You do have to bottle your product to take it out of the distillery, ATO only allows us to sell in sizes of up to 2ltrs.
  • Insurance - this is included on all stored barrels.
  • Registration on PPSR and a certificate for it…It’s now your rum, we are just the care takers till you want to bottle it.
  • Your barrel branded and a dedicated QR code registration plate for that barrel
  • If your circumstances change after 3 years and your want to discuss buy back options. We have options for that too.  Either a full buy back or buy back just enough to pay the excise for you..  

Not include in your purchase...  

  • Bottles, labels, closures, security seals.  This is up to your taste and style, but we can help in the process.  Prices starts from a few dollars per bottle and goes up from there. 
  • The actual wooden barrel…that ours, you own the best bit, the rum inside. If you want to buy the barrel after emptying, then let’s talk.

Excice. This one is important. You’ve paid for the spirit, but the tax man still has to be paid.  We can only calculate the exact amount of excise tax to pay on  the day of bottling, this is due to many many variables.  As a rule of thumb, allow for a minimum of $5,750 of excise for a 3yr old 120ltr barrel to come out of bond and be bottled. For example, the longer you leave a barrel, the less spirit you'll have available to bottle (due to angels share), so the the less excise you'll need to pay...but how good woud that 10 year old rum taste?! 

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Barrelling Options.

  • Our Standard barrel is Ex-Bourbon white American oak, but we can source a few different styles of barrels to choose from. i.e.  French oak, Ex-Whisky, Ex-Wine, Ex port/brandy/sherry, Ex-beer or even Ex-banana brandy barrels - each giving the rum a different flavour profile. 
  • We normally fill the barerels to 90% of its capacity as barrels work better with a bit of space left to breath (don't we all!) 
  • Normally we fill our barrrels with 62% ABV spirit, but we can fill yours with anything from 58% to 80%, we'll just need to adjust the price to suit the higher or lower ABV choosen.  


  • Come in and have a taste of your barrel as it travels along its journey.  
  • Just drop us an email and we'll book in a time to have Jimmy or a distiller on hand. We can do it as often as every six months. 
  • You can even take home a 500ml bottle and share it with your friends and familiy. You'll just have to pay the going rate of the excise required on the day.
Product image
Product image

So, how many bottles? 

  • This is the big question, and it involves a great many variables
  • Size of bottle - 500ml or 700ml? Mayby even a dainty 350ml or a party starter 1.125ltr?
  • Bottling ABV - We cut our RumRum to where we think it tastes best, but you might have a different agenda. We'll help you with the process, so you can select the bottle ABV that's right for you.
  • The angels share - this is the bit that evaporates to the heavens as your barrel beautifully ages, for JimmyRum's location and climate, it's usually around 7.5% of the barrel per year.  

First release special. 

If patience is not one of your virtues this one is for your. We’ve managed to prise a few already ageing 120ltr barrels away from Jimmy. That's no small feat we tell you!  For four lucky customers you can get a 1yrs head start on your rum and get your bottles sooner. 

Product image
Product image

SMSF Purchases.
Coming soon!

  • Want to do something different with your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)? You can do it with art, why not rum?
  • You can’t get any personal gains from owning this barrel with your super, so no sample tastings.
  • We run a reduced price because you can’t get the t-shirt, masterclass or any tastings.
  • We’ll buy the rum back at the 3 year mark with compounding interest of 8.5% of purchase price.
  • Or your SMSF can get us to bottle it and sell it in a single sale to a distributor of your choosing.

Buying from Overseas.

  • We’ll still produce and barrel your spirit with the same love as the above options.
  • When the time comes to ship your Rum to your country of choice, we can either ship it in bulk or ship it bottled on a pallet. All up to you.
  • Note: No Australian excise or GST needs to be paid for export, but you will have to pay your countries duties/taxes on arrival.
  • We’ll on pass the freight and packaging costs to you.
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What next? 

Get in touch an let us know you want in. We’ll then send you an invoice for 15% deposit and grab all your details for registering your ownership. If we don’t have the barrels in stock, or you want a specialty barrel, we’ll then get the barrels made up and shipped in (we keep minimal stock to keep the barrels fresh) allow 4 weeks for this, then we book in a time with you to come and select the barrel and be part of the filling party. 

That should just about cover it. If you're interested or a have few questions just hit the below button and get in touch with us. 

JimmyRum Crew