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Come on an adventure with us!

Leave your footprint at JimmyRum, accessible only to the Adventurers and the Seekers!

As a JimmyRum Adventurer your package includes:
– 1 x 350ml bottle of rum from each of the 3 dedicated barrels
1 x JimmyRum Rum
1 x JimmyRum Agricole Rhum
1 x JimmyRum Dirty Rum
– Your Signature on one of the dedicated barrels, displayed proudly in our upcoming bar’s barrel wall
– A JimmyRum Navy Blue Polo Shirt
– A set of 2 Rocking Rum Glasses, because they’re cool
– A tour of the distillery and close up look at our 1500lt copper still, Matilda
– The JimmyRum Newsletter, keeping you informed of exclusive events and pre-sale dates
– A free tasting of each new product at the JimmyRum bar as they’re released
– Pre-sale access to our bottled products before we release to the public

The boring fine print no one want to read

*Please note, you will receive your 3 x 350ml bottles of rum in a beautiful presentation box delivered to your door once the ageing process is complete, this process will take up to 3yrs – Jimmy isn’t letting this stuff out of his sight until he’s 100% happy!