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Come on an adventure with us and share in the Journey of aging your own little bit of rum

Leave your footprint at JimmyRum, accessible only to the Adventurers and the Seekers!

As a JimmyRum Adventurer your package includes:

  • Included lifetime Top Tier Membership benefits and
  • 1 x 375 ml bottles of rum from each of the 3 dedicated barrels

1 x JimmyRum Rum

1 x JimmyRum Dirty Rum – barrel being put down in early 2020

                1 x JimmyRum Agricole Rhum – barrel being put down in mid 2020 (when we can get our hands on the cane juice)

  • Set of Two JimmyRum Rocking Rum glasses
  • JimmyRum Polo Shirt
  • Free tasting of each new product at JimmyRum Distillery
  • Certificate of Memebrship
  • Your Signature on one of the dedicated barrels, displayed proudly in our bar’s barrel wall

The boring fine print no one wants to read

*Please note, you will receive your 3 x 375ml bottles of rum in a beautiful presentation box delivered to your door once the ageing process is complete, this process will take up to 3yrs – Jimmy isn’t letting this stuff out of his sight until he’s 100% happy!