$10 per person

What’s involved?

  • A seated 20-30-minute group tasting experience, this is not just a plug of our product, we sell rum but our goal is to share our passion, experience and knowledge of the world of rum and craft spirits
  • Sit behind the scenes and learn a little more about the process of rum making from ingredients to finishing in a bottle
  • Taste four JimmyRum products – with a few mixers for the non-neat drinkers. Don’t be afraid – remember, it’s an experience
  • Please note: under Covid restrictions, guests must be seated at all time. Sign in is also required.
Tasting Bench


Currently not available due to COVID restrictions. In the meantime, reserve a tasting at the cellar door or table at the distillery and cocktail bar.


What’s involved?

  • A tour of the working areas of the distillery, taking 45 min, we’ll guide you through the onsite process of:
  • Rum making method from beginning to end.
  • We’ll show you the ingredients, equipment and the steps along the way
  • See some of the other ancillary equipment used in making a functioning distillery – trial still and fermenters, bottling area and barrelling
  • A bit of Jimmy and JimmyRum history, where it all started and what we are up to now, as we create new products for our range
  • Followed by a product tasting of our core range, “behind the barrel wall”
  • Get up-close to Matilda and have the opportunity to take some snaps with our most popular crew member!
Behind The Scenes T&T