JimmyRum Barrel Share – Distilling Experience

Spice it Your Way - Masterclass


Join us for a ‘ Spice it your way’ two hour experience with our passionate distilling team. We will share our crafty skills in the making of JimmyRum Spiced and help you get hands on to make your own. Let us take you on a journey of flavours and expressions. From the dry to smooth, the sweet, the spicey, and the bittey.

Best of all! We will make up and send you a 50ml bottle of your favourite blend for you to share with your friends and family. 

What’s involved: 

  • A tasting of JimmyRum's range of cane spirits and rum the way it’s meant to be enjoyed - neat! 
  • We deep-dive into the huge variety of flavours and share our insights of which spices go together and which don’t 
  • Learns about top, middle and base notes and how to blend them to create a balanced mix 
  • Then it's time to get hands on, choose your spices from a range of 20+ selection and start mixing your own 
  • You get three goes to create your own unique version with the guidance of our passionate distilling team 

And that’s not all! Love your creation, order a 500ml or 700ml bottle. We will even keep your recipe so you can reorder whenever you are out!