JimmyComet Pre-mixed Cans– JimmyRum

JimmyComet Pre-mixed Cans

Single Can
Four pack
Case (24 cans)

This is JimmyRum’s take on the Wray Ting, a famous Jamaican rum mixed with a local Jamaican mixer. We have mixed our JimmyRum Navy cane spirit with a local Australian artisanal mixer - Comet, containing Grapefruit & Quandong flavours in it. It’s fast becoming a favourite with Friends of Jimmy, especially the ladies.  Pour it into a martini or wine glass with a squeeze of fresh lime, for a great pre-dinner drink to get the party going.

JimmyComet has an ABV of 6.5% and comes in a 330ml can. 

Available to order online, pick-up at distillery or from selected bottle shops as a single can, pack of four or a case of 24 cans.