Mixed JimmyRum Pre-mixed Cans

Mixed JimmyRum Pre-mixed Cans

Random Can
Mixed Four pack
Case (16 cans)

This is JimmyRum’s pre-mixes for adults!

Lower on the sweetness and higher on the JimmyRum flavour.

These packs are put together to give you a taste of all four styles.

  • Dirty Spiced - With its blend of JimmyRum Spiced, Soda, Ginger, Cola and Orange.
  • Stormy Jimmy - For its big ginger hit, a great refreshment after mowing the lawns or a hard days sailing.
  • Pear Punch - Totally refreshing, drink it in a tall glass with lots of ice, sitting by the pool with a spear of cucumber for extra freshness.
  • Jimmy Comet - The dryness of grapefruit and a touch of tonic, balanced with Guangdong (native peach), lime and soda.  The crew's favourite.