JimmyRum Cane ‘n Grain

Cane ‘n Grain Batch 003 Pre-Sale


Batch 003 is coming! After 908 day in the barrel, its finally ready to bottle. We could call it a rum (it has done two years in a barrel) but Rum n Grain does not have the same ring to it. 

We’ve taken our high proof cane spirit and aged it in a Chief’s Son Distillery sweet peat barrel French oak barrel.

It’s an exciting collaboration between two of the Peninsula’s distilleries, designed to display the versatility of barrel finishing. We chose to keep the spirit well balanced with no big whisky or rum influence, just a beautiful smooth blend of the two flavour profiles.

Cane ‘N Grain is a part of our Distiller’s Specials range, which are limited batches of JimmyRum that we just love.

Each Distiller’s Special has been bottled at cask strength or set to where we think they shine the most. Then carefully hand bottled and labeled at our distillery.

Estimated to be bottled in May. Very limited stock avalible.