KARA’S RUM QUEST REVIEW Batch #001– JimmyRum


Kara’s Rum Quest review of JimmyRum Silver, Navy, Oaked and Barbados.
I have yet to have the privilege of making it to this distillery, but have it on my list of places to explore when I am next in Vic. First up…

Jimmy Rum Import Series Barbados Rum – Batch #001

I was very excited to try this rum as its made up of a blend of three, five and eight-year-old rums sourced from the Foursquare distillery.

To the eye: Light gold liquid that flows somewhat velvet-like around my glass

The nose:
I picked up a mix of rich, fleshy fruits (ripe mangoes), dried berries and glacé fruit ( candied pineapple), topped with the warming aroma of freshly baked cupcakes – loving the idea of sipping this already!

On the Palate:
For something that came across so sweet and rich on the ol’ nasal passage, I was pleasantly surprised by how crisp and dry this rum was upon delivery. Packed full of juicy flavour which instantly coats your mouth on impact but then quickly dispels, it is a rum that encourages you to reach for another sip in quick succession, which I am not mad at.

I adore this rum neat but can imagine this being wonderful over ice on a summer’s day.

All up, you can’t mess with perfection and right here, is perfection. These rums are fun, unique and exciting and I am so pumped to see what JimmyRum does next!

If you’re in Victoria, please check out this fantastic distillery and do your bit to support Australian rum. If, like me, you can’t make it to Vic, be sure to show your support by heading to their online store and treating yo’self to a bottle or two.