KARA’S RUM QUEST REVIEW Batch #004– JimmyRum


Kara’s Rum Quest review of JimmyRum Silver, Navy, Oaked and Barbados.
I have yet to have the privilege of making it to this distillery, but have it on my list of places to explore when I am next in Vic. First up…

Jimmy Small Batch Oaked Rum – Batch #004

Before I even tried this rum, it’s brown sugar, and buttery aroma hit me right between the eyes as I poured it into my glass – I’m a fan before I’ve even indulged.

For this small batch range, they have popped their “Silver” spirit into new or near new small format American oaks barrels for a short time. Intrigued? Well, read on.

To the eye: Soft amber colour and silky in my glass.

The nose: It instantly reminds me of Werther’s originals toffees, caramel fudge, vanilla and my favourite; honeysuckle.

On the Palate: Juicy and floral upon delivery followed by what I can only place my finger on as a nice hint of red chilli. The oaky notes do pull through but are not as prominent as the sweet vanilla, honeysuckle character that stands front and centre.

I dig this and am not surprised this was voted number one in Drink Easy Awards category of 2019 Australia’s best drinks by style – unaged rum! I think this is a pretty impressive tipple, and will no doubt be enjoying this neat or in a cocktail of my choice.