KARA’S RUM QUEST REVIEW Batch #002– JimmyRum


Kara’s Rum Quest review of JimmyRum Silver, Navy, Oaked and Barbados.
I have yet to have the privilege of making it to this distillery, but have it on my list of places to explore when I am next in Vic. First up…

Jimmy Rum Silver – Batch #002

To the eye: Clear and clean.

To the nose: Floral with subtle whispers of caramel and butterscotch. Now, I am not sure if I should write the next part, but hey, I am going to anyway. The aroma instantly took me back to the smell of my old comic book collection. I love that smell; to me, it smells sweet with notes of vanilla flowers and almonds. Just me? Okay, back to scheduled programming.

On the Palate: I pick up fresh grass, green olives, sugarcane, unripe citrus and raisins. A bit of a 180 compared to what I picked up on the nose. This rum coats your whole mouth and holds on for a while, which is a joy! Packed full of flavour and super satisfying to drink.

I find this a great, non-intimidating un-aged rum that is part intricate, part delicate. You could easily enjoy this over ice with a squeeze of lime if you are not used to drinking un-aged rum neat. If you were to make a cocktail with this, be sure to have fun with it. I made a berry mojito with it recently, and it worked well.