KARA’S RUM QUEST REVIEW Batch #003– JimmyRum


Kara’s Rum Quest review of JimmyRum Silver, Navy, Oaked and Barbados.
I have yet to have the privilege of making it to this distillery, but have it on my list of places to explore when I am next in Vic. First up…

Jimmy Rum Small Batch Navy Rum – Batch #003

Navy Strength – Definition: The alcoholic content of a spirit at which gunpowder will still ignite after being soaked in it. Also known as “Proof” strength or a spirit with an ABV higher than just over 57% (57.142857% to be exact). Good gosh!
I have not frequented such high ABV un-aged rums since starting my rum quest,
so I may not be able to do this rum justice/ In saying that, let’s give it a crack.

To the eye: Crystal clear yet oily in my glass.

The nose: Grassy, peppery, sawdust (?).

On the Palate: Dried orange peel, Liquorice Root (Mulethi), very earthy/grassy and peppery.
What a pleasant surprise! This bad boy is a tongue twister as it hits you with dried orange peel, followed by the earthiness, then ends with a creamy, peppery finish.
An exciting rum, with an unpredicted flavour. I enjoyed it. I like a rum that shocks and surprises, and this rum did that for me.